Yesterday I made a compost bin! Food waste is another big problem and a lot of people think that if you throw orange peels in the dirt they will just biodegrade, but its not as simple as that. The proper way for food to biodegrade is to have a compost bin. Its easy and fun, and its not like a puppy where you have to watch it everyday. All you have to do is set it up and then you can just throw your food scraps in, like a trash can! If you live in an apartment you can get a tiny compost bin online, and some fancy ones you can get without having to set them up, and in some areas there are compost services that come to your house weekly to pick up your compost. But for the cheap and fun way, you can follow my steps below for how I made it! We made it the cheap way by just getting some bins from Home Depot and worms from Petco.

What you need: 1. Three medium sized storage bins with no holes in them and one lid (that fits them) 2. 6 bricks (they have them at Home Depot) 3. Newspaper or just any thin paper 4. Worms! (They have them at PetCo) 5. Food scraps like egg shells, moldy vegetables, the tops of strawberries, watermelon crust, etc. (make sure you have a drill, too!)

Steps: (See photos below)

  • 1. Drill a bunch of small holes in the bottom of two of the bins.
  • 2. Place the bin with no holes on the floor, and place two of the bricks inside of the bin on the bottom, away from each other on each end.
  • 3. Place one of the bins with the holes inside the other bin (they should be the same size but should fit inside of each other) and place the bricks the same as step 2.
  • 4.Do the same thing with the last bin for step 3.
  • 5. In the bin on the top, rip up your paper into small pieces and lay it out on the bottom of the bin. Spray some water on the paper so it is moist.
  • 6. Get your worms (there should be a lot) and put them on top of the damp paper. (if they did not come in soil, put dirt on top of the paper before you put the worms in)
  • 7. Get you food waste and put it on tops of the worms.

After the middle bin fills up with soil, (the worms poop) switch out the top bin with that bin so the bottom bin can fill up with soil too. And then you can use the soil for your plants. If my directions were unclear or you got confused, here is the link to the website I used. You can always use your own website too. Here is a link to

We also have a small composting bin for small stuff, before reaching the big bin. This type of bin is perfect for apartments! This can be found on Amazon or in person at the Container Store.

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