It’s been hot here in Southern California! Even when it’s not hot, we always have a freezer full of popsicles. I don’t know why we would buy them more than just regular ice cream – maybe just convenient? Maybe my mom likes the portion control that comes with popsicles.

But like everything else – if you buy it in the store, each popsicle comes individually wrapped!

Making your own popsicles is so easy! I don’t really have any real recipes to share – other than, just play!

Below I have two kinds of popsicles – one made with “nice cream” (bananas and cocoa in a blender), and fresh strawberries in a blender. (Put in separately). The other one is fresh sliced strawberries, vanilla almond yogurt, and a bit of granola. So easy!

Allrecipes.com has a whole section on popsicles if you want to get fancy. Our popsicle molds were from Amazon (the silicone molds), and the tin mold was from Lifewithoutplastic.com.

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